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Paint Information
The following files contain the latest paint information available.

Note* There are no paint codes available but there is paint available. Read below.

Dave Ritenburgh and the Minneapolis-Moline Collectors, Inc. have spent a great deal of time and energy researching this information to make sure it is a accurate as possible.

Color matching was a painstaking process involving original cans of paint. Paint examples were acquired for as many different colors as possible. The paint was then sprayed onto sheet metal panels. These panels were matched against mixed samples from a paint vendor until a close match was found. When a can of original paint could not be located, members of the paint committee would locate parts with paint that could be deemed representative of the correct color and use that to match against samples. The process was much more involved than I have described but I think you get the idea.

I know there will be people that say "Moline never painted any two tractors the same color" and I have been one of them but we have to have a standard to go by and I firmly believe this to be it. Having and standard that is accepted by the majority of Minneapolis-Moline collectors is important for the future of our hobby. I applaud the Minneapolis-Moline Collectors, Inc. for taking on the project, we all benefit from their work.

The following files contain the paint information for the models listed. They are in PDF format so some PDF reader software will be needed (Acrobat Reader, Foxit, etc). I have also included the original Excel file that the other files were derived from. It contains all the files together.

Minneapolis-Moline Numbered Series 1956 - 1974

Minneapolis-Moline Lettered Series 1938 - 1957

Avery, Oliver, Fiat, MM

Twin City

Lawn Mowers

Implements This PDF file is in "landscape" mode so you will want to use the rotate feature of your PDF reader to make it easier to read.

MM_Paint.xls This is an Excel file that contains all of the above information.

The old paint page can be located by following this link. All the information on the old page is outdated now but I leave it up for it's historical value.

If you would like to order paint that is mixed to meet the spec's of the above paint charts you can go to www.equipmentcolor.com. The gentleman that owns this site is the person that worked with the Minneapolis-Moline Collectors, Inc. to custom build formulas for the old paints. A lot of time went into each formula so I think it would be nice to support his efforts. He sells a good quality paint at reasonable prices with no hazmat fees on the shipping.

As always, I have nothing to do with the company above. He doesn't pay me to advertise for him nor does anyone else on this site. I just feel we need to support the companies that support our hobby.

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